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OMNIA arises from a vision: dedicating our work to enhancing and celebrating culture and creative inspiration.

We don’t make money our goal, instead we aim to raise awareness, amity and understanding among countries, social change and emotional prosperity, as well as encouraging people in protecting their unique values, authenticity, traditions and handcraft legacy, thus to speak their message without fear and challenge the status quo — to discover the soul behind the surface of all things, to discover themselves and each other.

“What's in a name?”

Omnia vincit amor, “Love conquers all” is not a proverb, but one of the most famous of all Latin expressions. This powerful message touched people's hearts throughout history. Caravaggio’s as well, who, starting from this expression, gave life to the homonyms painting. 

The phrase originally comes from the Roman poet Virgil, or Publius Vergilius Maro. It springs from his first work, “Bucolica” or “Eclogae”, ten pastoral poems published in 37 B.C. 


The full line reads:

“Omnia vincit amor: et nos cedamus amori.” 
"Love conquers all; let us, too, yield to love!”


In Virgil's poem, these words are uttered by a man named Gallus as he is dying. Gallus was so in love with a woman called Lycoris, who had left him and now he was dying from love and a broken heart. So great was his madness that not only the god Apollo himself asked Gallus why he continued with the madness of love, but also did the gods Silvanus and Pan try to intervene. Neither of them succeeded.

Our Meaning


We believe that Love is the force that conducts our lives. 

Love goes beyond romance.

It is the reason behind everything we do.  

Hence, the word “omnia”, “everything”.

Our work is our love made visible. 

Our Story

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